You have the opportunity to join the Society as a Member, Associate Member or Group Membership. Detailed information is on the Society Web site.

No matter which you choose, the words PRSA Member on your letterhead and business card tell your clients -- and your peers -- that they're working with someone who is committed to delivering only the best!

Local Chapter Membership:

Our chapter dues are collected by the National office, so please enclose your chapter dues with your application:

  • Member: $60 annually
  • Associate: $40 annually (after two years, associate members are automatically upgraded to members).


Professional Interest Section Membership:

Professional Interest Sections are designed to focus on important public relations issues, trends and research in a specific area of practice.

In addition to the benefits of regular membership, Professional Interest Sections strengthen your expertise (and marketability) through seminars, workshops, conferences, newsletters, professional papers, listservs, websites, and more - all focused on your unique environment.

  • Association/Nonprofit
  • Corporate
  • Counselors Academy*
  • Counselors to Higher Education
  • Educators Academy
  • Employee Communications
  • Environmental
  • Financial Communications
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health Academy
  • Independent Practitioners Alliance
  • International
  • Military & National Security
  • Multicultural Communications
  • Public Affairs & Government
  • Strategic Social Responsibility
  • Technology
  • Travel & Tourism


*Counselors Academy has separate eligibility requirements.