Member Benefits

What's the difference between being a member and participating as a guest?

Both members and guests are welcome at most - if not all - of the events hosted by our chapter. So you may be wondering, "Why would I spend the money on PRSA dues when I can attend most events without being a full-fledged member?"

PRSA has put together a list of membership benefits, which might help you see why membership in the world's largest organization for public relations professionals is more than worth the investment. 

Official chapter members also receive additional benefits that non-members don't. Guests do not have access to the Member Area of our chapter website. The member area is a place where we list open jobs we know about and provide access to our membership database - which gives you the contact info for all the other members with whom you may want to network. You'll also receive member-only news and downloads.

In addition, only members are eligible to become involved on our board of directors and steering committees. If you're looking to enhance your resume with leadership activities, PRSA is a great place to do so. But you have to be a member to be eligible!

Though you can not join the Northeast Wisconsin chapter without joining PRSA National, you can join PRSA National without joining the local chapter. If you're considering this route, know that non-chapter members are still considered guests by the chapter. And remember, guests pay $30 per meeting; members pay only $25.  

We are confident the great benefits of chapter membership will convince you to join this fun local chapter!