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President's Corner

What is the saying? April awards bring happy PR pros? Well, starting this April, that’s definitely going to be the case! Later this month, we’ll find out who the winners are in the first-ever WisCOMsin Awards.

This year, our chapter teamed up with PRSA Madison to bring you the first statewide communications award program. PR practitioners from around Wisconsin submitted entries for their work and their colleagues.

The top honors will be announced in a virtual ceremony on April 27 from 12-1 p.m. Sign up today to ensure you are there when the envelopes are opened!

Good luck to all who entered.  All of this year’s nominees deserve a BIG Congratulations! 2020 was an unexpected year, but we made it through and are stronger for it. And a special thanks to the awards committee members who are coordinating this event.

“See” you there!

Kara Leiterman

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Ethics Question:

You handle media relations and social media for a large technology company. One of the employees you routinely work with has created professional social media channels for his side business, which focuses on developing a competitive product. He is looking for a social media expert to manage his channels and strategically grow his audience. Since you already have a relationship, he asks for your help. Can you work for him on the side and still keep your primary job?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Question credit: Shelly Najor, Ph.D., and Jamie Ward, Ph.D., co-chairs PRSA-Detroit Ethics Committee

The answer is below.


B . No

Explanation: We are required to avoid conflicts of interest, which include circumstances that may appear to compromise good judgment and create a conflict between personal and professional interests.

The PRSA-Detroit Chapter Ethics Committee developed a quiz for its members to test their knowledge and show their commitment to upholding the ethical standards of PRSA and the public relations profession. The questions are based on practical situations and real-world dilemmas. We have been granted permission to use their questions so you can test your knowledge. Each month I’m posing one of the quiz’s questions. In addition to selecting the right answer, I urge you consider why it is the correct answer. Good luck, and may the ethics be with you!


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Three Little Letters, So Much Value: Learn more about the APR

April is APR Month…but what does that mean? For professional communicators, this indicates someone is Accredited in Public Relations, often through PRSA.

The APR signifies mastery of modern strategic communications, reflecting a commitment to top-tier practices and ethics. A valued professional distinction, the APR can lead you to the next level in your career.

Preparing for the APR includes personalized professional development, to enhance your skills and deepen your knowledge. APR candidates gain access to an experienced network of mentors, providing helpful expertise and guidance.

On April 15, plan to attend a statewide virtual lunchtime program to learn about the APR, its benefits, and support options for APR candidates. Angela Brumm, APR (APR Chair of PRSA-Madison) will present on the APR process, then take your questions as part of a Q&A panel with Annie Gentil, APR (APR Chair, PRSA-Southeast WI) and Erin Elliott, APR (Immediate Past President, PRSA-Northeast WI).

The program is free, and everyone is welcome to attend. Communicators who have questions about the APR, who have considered getting their APR, or who would like to learn about APR support options are especially encouraged to attend.

This program is being hosted by PRSA Madison. Register through their portal to attend!


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You’re Invited to the WisCOMsin Awards Ceremony: April 27

May we have the envelope, please? Soon, the results will be in for the very first PRSA WisCOMsin Awards! Tune into the virtual awards ceremony at noon on April 27 to see the inaugural winners of our profession’s statewide contest. During this live, hour-long event, you’ll get to hear from those taking home some of the top project-based and practitioner prizes and learn what makes them (and their work) so special.

Don’t miss this unique event, celebrating Wisconsin’s amazing communications professionals!

Register today! (Link and instructions will be sent after registration)



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Member Anniversaries

4/26: Dorreen Dembski of DD Communication Services, LLC, since 2018

4/14: Katie Hermsen, Public Affairs Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, since 2017

4/24: Rick LaFrombois, Communications Specialist for Sentry Insurance, since 2019

4/1: Thomas W. Schoffelman, Vice President of Resource Development and Communication at Brown County United Way, since 1989

4/12: Jessica Adelle Wettstein, Corporate Communications Manager for Faith Technologies, since 2007

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