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President's Corner

We’re technically a few weeks away from the official start of summer, but boy, did it feel good to turn the calendar to June today. After the longest spring in the history of mankind, the promise of a new season is both welcome – and needed.

I’m not under any illusions that flipping a page erases COVID-19 from our lives. It hasn’t vanished from our communities, and that reality will make this summer feel very different. (But even if you don’t venture further than your backyard, life does feel better on those warm, sunny days, doesn’t it?)

Our work lives aren’t rushing back to normal, either. Even those who have been able to stay in (or return to) offices are working in new environments – with masks, temperature readings, new meeting protocols.

As we enter the fourth month of the pandemic era, the strain is wearing on us all. Yet your organizations will continue to look to you to help navigate through this time. That’s why it’s so crucial that you practice self-care.

Don’t know what that looks like? Think you can’t possibly fit that into your already-jammed days? Or just want to get a few tips to work into your routine? Then don’t miss our June 23 virtual meeting on Self Care 101 with Judy Roemer, Licensed Professional Counselor with NWTC.

Like last month, we’re offering this meeting free of charge to members and guests alike, so please feel free to invite others who could benefit from Judy’s presentation.

I almost closed this message by wishing you time to enjoy the longer days…but our days already feel long enough! So instead, I’ll say, “Enjoy the later sunsets!”  

- Erin Elliott, APR

President, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin

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While online shopping and drinking wine might feel like self-care (and there are memes galore to support that!), true self care is not just self-indulgence wrapped up in a buzzword. Practicing daily self-care not only reduces stress and increases empathy and compassion in the short term, but also resets our minds, bodies and prevents stress-related diseases in the long run. 

Many public relations/communications professionals are experiencing increasing levels of stress during the current pandemic. As communicating effectively has become an even higher priority than usual, we find ourselves working overtime and balancing demands like never before. 

Join us virtually over the lunch hour on June 23 to hear from NWTC Licensed Professional Counselor Judy Roemer. We will explore ways to truly care for yourself, and incorporate a COVID-proof practice into your daily schedule.

About the Presenter:

Judy Roemer is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has practiced for 26 years, and is no longer shocked by anything. She is married and lives in Green Bay with her husband, dog and chickens, and enjoys the simple joys of family, friends and nature. She works at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) as a counselor and loves helping people overcome challenges, both ordinary and extraordinary.

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Don't Miss Out!


About this Event

A webinar for marketing and PR professionals presented by PRSA Madison and Big Shoes Network, with support from PRSA Northeast Wisconsin and PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin chapters.

PRSA Madison in partnership with the NE WI and SE WI PRSA chapters proudly presents a webinar featuring Martha Carrigan, founder and CEO of Big Shoes Network. This interactive, virtual presentation will offer insight on the changes facing marketing and public relations professionals in 2020.

The rise of remote working, social distancing and an uncertain future of how people gather together means communicators must think differently to develop effective communications strategies. Flexibility, creativity and proactive professional development are key to navigating the changing reality.

This webinar will offer an informed perspective on how communications roles may evolve in the coming year and steps professionals can take now to prepare themselves for the future.

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The New Frontier: Ethical Issues Working from Home

-By Tom Schoffelman

As most of us enter our 3rd month of working from home (has it really been that long?), it’s important to do self-check on our ethical behavior in regards to our employers and clients.

If you were like me, when you were told you were going to start working remotely, my first thoughts were what files do I need to bring with me? Do I have a space to work at home? Is my internet strong enough to handle the increased load from my family all being home?

I didn’t give as much thought to the security and ethical issues of working from home. I quickly started making plans for this, but a refresher is never a bad idea. So, here’s a few things to think about as you continue your Safer at Home work place:

  1. Don’t leave paper files out where family or roommates can see confidential information. (If it’s something you would not normally share with family or friends, now is not the time to start.) Similarly, don’t leave confidential files up on your computer screen – lock or shut the screen when away from your computer. If possible, make sure you are not using devices that are shared with others.
  2. If you are allowed to/can print work-related documents at home, remember to shred everything that has sensitive/proprietary information on it. Some businesses even have policies requiring these documents to be shredded/disposed of at work. If that is the case for you, you should continue abiding by those rules.
  3. Have confidential phone calls and video meetings in a separate room from where family or roommates are. You should also avoid using speakerphones and wear a headset if possible to lessen the chances of your conversations being overheard.

While I completely trust my family, that’s really not the point. Each of us has an obligation to protect our employer’s and our clients’ proprietary information. That’s true whether we’re working at the office or at home.

What ethical issues are you facing while working from home? And how are you dealing with them? I’d love to hear about them. Please share them as others might have be facing similar situations.

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Member Anniversaries

Rebecca Brown, Company: J. J. Keller & Associates, since 6/18/2018

Krista Bruin, Faith Technologies, since 6/30/2008

Femi Cole, BayCare Clinic, since 6/28/2006

Gretchen Steinbecker, Americollect, since 06/26/2019

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