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President's Corner

I’m one of the three people on Earth who has never watched an episode of “Game of Thrones,” so I have no idea what that foreboding “Winter is Coming” phrase refers to. But I’m sure NONE of us are uttering that phrase right now anyway…because we’ve had enough winter in the last few weeks to make us never want it to come again.

Between the umpteen snow days and polar vortex, we’ve all been cooped up more than we like. That means we haven’t been able to take our (frozen) bodies outside, but I bet the same could be said for our minds. I know I’m guilty of it! Oh, sure…I’ve been busy checking things off the to-do list, but that stash of intriguing articles I’ve saved in my inbox grows longer by the day. It just seems like I do better at professional development when I block time on my calendar for it.

And that’s why I’m so looking forward to next Tuesday! Feb. 19 is our first event of the year, and we’re entering it with a bang. We’ll learn how to think differently about social media with NWTC’s digital marketing teacher and guru, Ronnie Coyle.

So make time on your calendar and take your brain outside the every day. Get out of the office and have lunch with us on Tuesday, as we visit with old friends, make new connections and gain some fresh perspectives on social media!

See you there!


- Erin Elliott

President, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin

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Upcoming Events

Thinking Differently About Social Media in 2019

PRSA's first event of 2019 is one you can't miss...especially if you're looking to elevate your organization’s social media presence in the new year! Join us for lunch at The Marq on Feb. 19 and begin to think differently about social media in 2019. Ronnie Coyle, Marketing/Digital Marketing Instructor for NWTC’s College of Business will be our presenter.

Please bring your laptop or portable device for this interactive session. Ronnie will share with us better ways to tell our story on social media and increase reach and engagement in 2019. He will also address how we can help others tell our story, and how word-of-mouth comes into play.

Register today!

About Ronnie Coyle:
Ronnie is a teacher who loves to learn. He’s a marketing/digital marketing instructor at NWTC, hosts a campus radio show, and is always talking about social media content ideas with colleagues and community members. He is a husband and father of two boys, and always on the run. His family is his passion, and marketing his mission.


$25 PRSA member
$30 after February 14

$30 Guest
$35 after February 14

$15 Student
$20 after February 14

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Ethics Corner

Facebook at 15: Will Civility Survive?

I was going to build this month’s column around Facebook’s 15th anniversary, but I realized (1) many others would be doing the same thing and doing it better (CNN story), and (2) I have shirts older than 15, so maybe it’s not such a big deal after all.

What IS a big deal, I believe, is the effect Facebook and other social platforms have had on the general quality of social discourse. While the number of people engaged in the conversation has increased, the tone of the discussion has (in my view) grown increasingly uncivil. Even threads that start positively quickly get trolled and devolve into personal attacks. <sigh>

So, what’s the connection to public relations ethics? As professionals, we are always to be civil. Former PRSA Chair Tony D’Angelo, APR, Fellow PRSA, hit on this in a piece he wrote for PRSay nearly two years ago: Civility as Professional Imperative (May 5, 2017):

“The time of incivility we now live in is polarizing, frustrating and exhausting,” he wrote. “It’s generally nasty atmosphere is unfortunately obvious, but less plain is what PR professionals might do to change it. Some of the answers lie in PRSA’s Code of Ethics, and I believe that acting on its principles is imperative for those who would call themselves PR professionals.”

D’Angelo cites his own challenges to remaining civil in the course of a workday and the natural desire to punch back, describing a “seductive quality to incivility.”

He reminds us, though, that PR professionals have an imperative for civility. “It is our responsibility as PR professionals,” he writes, “to advance relationships and reputations, and in so doing achieve organizational outcomes that are good for our employers and clients, and the environments in which they operate.”

In the end, the struggle is worth the reward: “Today, rampant disrespect continually invites more disrespect, and it’s hard to resist,” D’Angelo writes. “PR leaders with the grit to decline the invitation can empower themselves and their organizations to achieve loftier aims and enduring success.”

I’d be interested in your view on this idea. Do we have any greater responsibility for civility than other professionals or other individuals who engage in social discussion? Send me your thoughts at [email protected].

Hang in there!


Jim Streed, APR

2019 Chapter Ethics Adviser

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UW-Green Bay is hosting its very own Communication Week from Feb. 18-21 to celebrate the past, present and future of UW-Green Bay’s Communication Department.

For 2019, Comm Week has a week worth of events to make it just as successful this year. Alumni, current students, faculty/staff and PR professionals are encouraged to be involved and participate.

On Monday, Feb. 18, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. YOU are invited to join UW-Green Bay for their “Mocktails” event to network with the students. The event will be held in Phoenix B and C on the UW-Green Bay campus.

On Thursday, Feb. 21, from 3 to 5 p.m. is the 3x3x3 Showcase, where some of UW-Green Bay’s standout Communications students will be presenting work to a panel of judges. Student groups will present a 3-panel poster board, 3-minutes to present and 3-minutes to answer questions. Judges will rotate and score each group's case. The winners will be awarded and recognized at the banquet.


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Member News

Melissa Sabel, Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau – 13 years

Abby Despins, Emmi Roth – 12 years

Megan J. Mulholland, APR– 10 years

Michael John Kawleski, Georgia-Pacific – 7 years

Brian Becker, University of Wisconsin Colleges & UW-Extension – 3 years

Ioana Coman– 3 years

Laurie Krasin, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh – 3 years

Jen Rogers, Door County Visitor Bureau – 2 years

Todd McMahon, O'Connor Connective, LLC – 1 year







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