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President's Corner

Welcome to a new year of PRSA in Northeast Wisconsin!

Let me be the LAST to wish you a happy 2019! That nice, long winter nap we all had over the holidays already seems like a distant memory, doesn’t it? My guess is that life has resumed its normal frenetic pace in your lives just as it has in mine. However, I’m viewing things through a little bit of a different lens these days. I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, but I do have a mantra this year – one that started off as a personal charge and is quickly spilling into other areas of my life, too.

During one of those quiet office days between Christmas and New Year’s, I took the time to watch a video that I’d shoved on the backburner for at least a few weeks: a 50-minute Q&A between well-known marketing and leadership gurus, Seth Godin and Simon Sinek. The whole discussion was entertaining and inspiring, but one line that was uttered crawled into my brain and just nagged at me until I realized its power: “Your job is to create value.”

In a world where everything seems complex, I admire the beauty in that simplicity. And I’ve been trying to apply it to everything I do. So far, it seems like a good gut check and a way to hold myself accountable to bring my best to any situation.

Why do I tell you all this? Because we held our first PRSA Northeast Wisconsin leadership team meeting this week, and I walked out of that meeting with one word leaping through my brain: VALUE. I’m so energized about all the ways this group is creating value for public relations and communications pros across our area – all so YOU can continue to create value, too!

Please stay engaged with us this year! Read our emails, follow our social posts, attend our events and participate in our activities. Not only will you grow and learn, but you’ll have a lot of fun. I promise!

I’m passionate about PRSA and its impact on our profession. I’m honored to be serving as president of our Northeast Wisconsin chapter. But most of all, I’m excited to spend time with the many faces I already know…and the many others I hope to meet very soon! (Like at next month’s meeting…hint, hint??)

On behalf of the board of directors, we thank you for being a part of our PR community!

- Erin Elliott

President, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin

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Upcoming Events

Thinking Differently About Social Media in 2019

PRSA's first event of 2019 is one you can't miss...especially if you're looking to elevate your organization’s social media presence in the new year! Join us for lunch at The Marq on Feb. 19 and begin to think differently about social media in 2019. Ronnie Coyle, Marketing/Digital Marketing Instructor for NWTC’s College of Business will be our presenter.

Please bring your laptop or portable device for this interactive session. Ronnie will share with us better ways to tell our story on social media and increase reach and engagement in 2019. He will also address how we can help others tell our story, and how word-of-mouth comes into play.

Register today!

About Ronnie Coyle:
Ronnie is a teacher who loves to learn. He’s a marketing/digital marketing instructor at NWTC, hosts a campus radio show, and is always talking about social media content ideas with colleagues and community members. He is a husband and father of two boys, and always on the run. His family is his passion, and marketing his mission.


$25 PRSA member
$30 after February 14

$30 Guest
$35 after February 14

$15 Student
$20 after February 14

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Ethics Corner

Let’s make 2019 a little RACE-ier!

It’s traditional in January to adopt a few New Year resolutions, right? If you don’t mind, I’d like to add one more to your list.

As you prepare your communications plans this year, resolve to make them “RACE-ier” than ever before. Let me explain.

Nearly every PRSA member knows about the four-step public relations planning process described by the acronym RPIE: Research, Plan, Implement and Evaluate. It’s intended to be the foundation for all our communication planning.

RACE is the acronym I learned in school (yes, I know, it was 100 years ago, but bear with me; it’s still relevant). RACE stands for Research, Action-plan, Communicate and Evaluate. Not too different from RPIE and, to me, it’s a difference without a distinction. What’s important is that we adopt a consistent, strategic approach to our work and are rigorous in our application of it.

That said, I’d like to suggest we take that rigor up a notch add one more “E” to our model: Ethics.

Whether you use RPIE or RACE, taking a moment to think-through the Ethics implications at each of the four steps will make your communication plans just that much more solid. It will guide you to ask yourself -- and your client -- how your plan supports:

  1. Acting in the public interest
  2. Acting honestly and with integrity
  3. Avoiding actual or apparent conflicts of interest
  4. Ensuring accuracy and truth
  5. Dealing fairly with all publics

Learn more about communication planning and ethics by checking out these PRSA Ethical Standards Advisories. And if you have a question about how ethics in your practice, email the PRSA Board of Professional Standards at [email protected] or drop me a line at [email protected].

Happy New Year!

Jim Streed, APR

2019 Chapter Ethics Adviser

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UW-Green Bay is hosting its very own Communication Week from Feb. 18-21 to celebrate the past, present and future of UW-Green Bay’s Communication Department.

In 2017, the first ever Communication week kicked off with the "Comm one Comm all" event and ended with a bang with the Banquet: "Entrepreneurial Excellence Driven by Communication, Critical Thinking, and Continuous Improvement" by the founders of Dental City. In total more than 180 people came out and attended Comm Week 2017 events, helping to make the first ever UW-Green Bay Communication Week a major success!

For 2019, Comm Week has a week worth of events to make it just as successful this year. Alumni, current students, faculty/staff and PR professionals are encouraged to be involved and participate.

On Monday, Feb. 18, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. YOU are invited to join UW-Green Bay for their “Mocktails” event to network with the students. The event will be held in Phoenix B and C on the UW-Green Bay campus.

Mark your calendars and show your support for the future of our industry!

On Thursday, Feb. 21, from 3 to 5 p.m. is the 3x3x3 Showcase, where some of UW-Green Bay’s standout Communications students will be presenting work to a panel of judges. Student groups will present a 3-panel poster board, 3-minutes to present and 3-minutes to answer questions. Judges will rotate and score each group's case. The winners will be awarded and recognized at the banquet. 

They are still looking for a few PR pros to help judge this event. If you are interested in being a judge, please contact Caitlin Egan at [email protected].

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Member Anniversaries

Erin Elliott, Hiebing – 15 years

Jane Hillstrom, Hillstrom PR – 11 years

Danielle Bina, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay – 10 years

Tricia Garrison, NEW Water – 6 years

Jamie Mara, Dairy Business Association of Wisconsin – 3 years

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