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Letter from the President

Have you ever struggled with metrics or evaluating communications?  I have, too. For the first few years of my career, this was a challenge on every project. My goals/objectives were vague; like “raise awareness of…” or “encourage support for…” When projects were done, I wondered if I had achieved the goals.

In 2013, I decided to pursue Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). I was assigned a mentor, and began reading the APR Study Guide. The PRSA Northeast Wisconsin Chapter had a really helpful APR Study Group that met twice a month.

Within weeks, my communications planning had evolved. I learned how to write objectives that were specific, measurable, and relevant. Over the next year, studying for the APR elevated my skills, knowledge and abilities. I gained confidence with communication metrics, strategy, ethics and so much more. And as I learned and then passed forward my learnings, an unexpected gift was the much-valued friendships that developed with mentors and mentees.

I encourage you: if you have been a communicator for a few years and don’t have your APR, look into it. It’s affordable, flexible, and you’ll learn a lot--guaranteed. To learn more, check out this APR webpage and reach out Cassie Wenzel (APR), our chapter’s APR Chair, at

 “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” ~ Pablo Picasso

- Angela Brumm, APR

President, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin

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Upcoming Events

Each autumn, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin takes a time-out from its lunchtime programming schedule to take a deeper dive into a topic that is both relevant and timely to our profession. This year is no exception, and if are you looking for hands-on and tactical ways to bring your digital media strategies to the next level, then join us on Oct. 17 for “A New Look into Digital Media with Video, Snapchat and Instagram.” Presented by Tim Cigelske, social media director at Marquette University, you will leave these two workshops with immediate takeaways to improve your businesses digital strategy.  

Tim CigelskiTim Cigelske is Social Media Director at Marquette University and an adjunct professor teaching social media analytics and measurement in Marquette’s Diederich College of Communication. Cigelske has a journalism degree with stints writing for newspapers and magazines such as Budget Travel and Runner’s World, and he’s currently finishing a master’s in digital communication with a thesis on the topic of Gen Z’s use of Snapchat. He is the author of “Analytics to Action: A Guide to Social Media Measurement,” and he regularly consults and leads social media workshops for communication professionals, businesses and corporate leaders. In addition to his focus on social media, Cigelske teaches a popular honors program seminar at Marquette called The Art and Science of Creativity.

Morning Session: "Video for Digital and Social Media" 

Short videos on social media are becoming a dominant form of communication. Videos are an effective way to share your story, with hospitals publishing inspirational patient narratives, manufacturers revealing “behind-the-scenes” stories, and schools sharing motivational videos.  And it’s not just public storytelling -- internal videos can increase employee knowledge, engagement and loyalty. When you want to inspire, inform or persuade, videos have become a powerful asset in the communications toolbox.

Are you making the most of this communications channel? Join us at this workshop for an overview on quickly producing videos, including live streaming, mobile editing, video slideshows and more. You’ll learn how to use tools and apps to produce quick, entertaining videos from 6 seconds to 6 minutes. Recommended for anyone who wants to learn real-life methods to produce impactful videos.  

Afternoon session: "Snapchat and Instagram Stories 101" 

Why have Snapchat and Instagram become key platforms for Millennials and Gen Z? Instagram and Snapchat can drive awareness of your business/organization and build an engaged online audience. In fact, Snapchat is now a distribution outlet for brands like CNN, Mashable, and Buzzfeed.

This session will show you how to harness the engagement of Snapchat and Instagram to tell substantive stories and rapidly respond to events. Participants will learn tactical skills, with hands-on training and a primer into Snapchat and Instagram Stories culture. Recommended for anyone who wants to understand emerging social media behavior, dive deep into these channels, and learn techniques to tell brand stories in this new environment.

9:00 to 9:30 a.m. -- Registration
9:30 to 11:30 a.m. -- Video for Digital and Social Media
11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. -- Lunch
12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. -- Snapchat and Instagram Stories 101

NOTE: Advance registration is encouraged; walk-in registrations will be accepted, space permitting.


$65.00 PRSA Member
$80.00 Non-member/Guest

Register now!

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PRemier Awards

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for this year's PRemier Awards! The judges are poring over the submissions as we speak and will be delivering their assessments to us yet this month. Then, the fun begins: planning the awards ceremony! More details to come in the weeks ahead, but please make sure to keep your calendar free for a long lunch on Tuesday, Nov. 14 as we celebrate another year of stellar work by our fellow chapter members and laud our Communicator of the Year recipient. You won't want to miss this special luncheon!


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Ethics Corner

We have a 'guest author' today! An article by Deborah Silverman, APR, Fellow PRSA on the PRSay blog last month (Ethics Month) caught my eye.

Her focus is on the PRSA core value of honesty. Here's how her essay starts:

Recently, a PRSA member asked me for ethics advice: His company had asked him to write glowing online reviews of a company product that had slumping sales. After talking with me, he decided to refuse to write the reviews, explaining to his supervisor why it would be unethical to do so. So far there haven’t been any negative repercussions for him at work, but this anecdote underscores the importance of one of the PRSA Code of Ethics values: honesty.

She then cites several real-life examples about ways practitioners' honesty is challenged at work. Here are a few:

  • A company that wants to gain more Twitter followers fakes a hack of its Twitter account, posting a series of confusing, random tweets. The stunt gains thousands of new Twitter followers, but mixed responses from PR professionals.
  • An account executive at a PR agency that represents a big-box retailer poses as a journalist at an event organized by a labor union trying to organize the company’s employees. The PR professional was subsequently fired by the agency, and the retailer fired the agency.
  • A major department store sends free dresses to dozens of trendsetters on Instagram, paying each woman thousands of dollars to post photos on Instagram of themselves wearing the dress. The posts reached millions of Instagram users and the dress sold out. The Federal Trade Commission investigated, resulting in an agreement with the department store to settle the charges and to correct the posts.

And there are more.

I recommend you take five minutes to read Deb's full article at PRsay. If see yourself in any of the situations she describes, contact the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards for guidance.

Or drop me a line at J Streed Communications if you'd like to chat.

~ Jim Streed, PRSA Northeast WI Ethics Chair

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Member Anniversaries

Happy anniversary to these chapter members celebrating membership milestone this month:

Angela Brumm, Exact Sciences Corporation - 5 years

Jon Jarosh, Door County Visitor Bureau - 7 years

Jennifer Kaminski, Associated Bank - 6 years

Katherine Lott, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - 2 years

Karie Matthias, Schenck - 4 years

Amanda Schmidt, Bellin College - 2 years

Holly Wachtendonk, Hiebing - 5 years







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