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Letter from the President

Summer often brings change, and this year was no exception. I recently started a position at a new company. And when I think about my career path, colleagues and mentors come to mind. 

There are many people who’ve helped me grow: supervisors, colleagues, APR mentors, PRSA chapter leaders. You could probably create a similar list of people who’ve helped you professionally. 

There are some people whose impact on me has reached far beyond the time we spent together. Their example and guidance still resonates in me, years after we worked together. 

I’m still in contact with most of these people, but haven’t spoken with one in years. So that’s my goal this month. To be more deliberate about reaching out to thank this person - and others - for encouraging and investing in me. 

I invite you to join me: reach out to the people who’ve helped you in your career, and let them know how you’re doing. Share how they’ve helped you. 

People will only know the impact they have on us when we tell them. 

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” - Benjamin Disraeli 

 - Angela Brumm 

President, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin

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Upcoming Events

Navigating the Media in 2017

Media relations. It’s (still) at the heart of what we do as public relations professionals. While PR and marketing programs have evolved immensely over the years, there remains one simple truth: Clients and brands often still want to see “clips" and garner media impressions.

On Tuesday, June 13, Weber Shandwick's Executive Vice President Michael Schiferl will show you how the media landscape is changing and what can we as PR practitioners do to ensure those traditional earned media placements still keep coming.  We’ll discuss how work with media evolved beyond just "clips" alone, including how media has evolved into earned social coverage as well. Finally, we’ll also cover “fake news” and some paradigms in the state of the newspaper industry. From the new political climate to the emergence of social media running rampant we’ll discuss ways we can overcome these challenges and still get the print/broadcast/online stories our clients/brands crave to help reach their target audiences.

Spend your lunch hour (11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.) with us at The Marq (3177 French Road) on Tuesday, June 13. Register Now!


$25.00 PRSA Member
$30.00 after 7 p.m. on June 8

$35.00 Non-Member/Guest
$40.00 after 7 p.m. on June 8

$15.00 Full-Time Student
$20.00 after 7 p.m. on June 8


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PRSA International Conference

The countdown to the Super Bowl is on. No, not the NFL's big dance--the Super Bowl of our profession (better known as PRSA's International Conference!) is just four months away. This year's event is taking place in Boston from October 8-10!

If you've always wanted to attend PRSA's premier event but haven't been able to swing the cost or time away, this may be your year. For the first time ever, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin will be awarding a $1,000 grant to a member of our chapter who attends this conference. The funds will be in the form of reimbursement for most of the conference registration cost, which is $1,295 for those who register before Aug. 25. 

The application takes less than two minutes to complete and is available now through August 15, 2017. The winner will be chosen and notified by Aug. 18, which will leave you plenty of time to register at the early bird rate.

If this is the year you can invest some time, energy and a bit of money into your professional growth by attending this highly regarded conference, don't wait - apply today at!



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PRemier Awards

If summer has a much slower pace than the hectic, back-to-school feeling of fall, consider using the dog days of the season to get a jump on some important work now! Submit your outstanding public relations work for the 2017 PRemier Awards by September 15 and pay reduced entry fees: Members pay only $30 per entry and non-members pay just $45 per entry.

The PRSA Northeast Wisconsin Chapter's annual PRemier Awards recognizes local PR professionals—the thought leaders who drive creative, strategic, effective and ethical communications in our area. A luncheon to honor exceptional award entries will be held Tuesday, Nov. 14, at The Marq in De Pere.

Learn more about the 2017 PRemier Awards including award categories, eligibility, deadlines, how to enter and more at

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Ethics Corner

It's summer: The Ethics of Internships!

There have been a lot of graduation parties in our neighborhood lately. In fact, the neighbors across the street even invited us to their daughter's soiree this month! I'm sure that's because we've seen her grow up these past eight years, had her pick up our mail and newspapers from time to time, and have supported her track-and-field and basketball fundraisers, too. I also have a hunch that it's an inexpensive insurance policy against us complaining about the loud music!

All of this reminds me that if it's summer, it must mean interns are afoot. Have you considered the ethics of internships? A piece posted to the PRSA Midwest District Linked-In site points to a Business Journal article that poses it this way: Unpaid Internships Are Common, But Are They Legal?

The PRSA Code of Ethics has an Ethical Standards Advisory (ESA) that speaks specifically to this question (The Ethical Use of Interns (PDF)). The ESA cites several hypothetical examples of improper practices, just to show how we, as practitioners, might get into trouble. Here are two:

  • You are a sole practitioner and have five clients. You contacted a local university’s public relations department and agreed to hire two interns over the summer. While the internships are unpaid, the student will get credit.  You charge the clients for the work these interns do.


  • A for-profit company hires unpaid interns to help them get college credit for their graduation requirement. The interns perform work generally done by employees. In lieu of payment, the students receive “opportunities and connections” as compensation.


Fortunately, the ESA also cites several best practices* to make internships legal and meaningful:

  1.      The internship complies with federal and state requirements.
  2.      All internships are paid if “real” billable work is accomplished.
  3.      If an internship is unpaid, it meets all Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines.
  4.      The ingredients of a successful intern experience are built into the process from the start:
  5.      The work is an integral part of the student’s course of study.
  6.      The student receives experience relevant to a career in public relations.
  7.      The student prepares a report of his or her experiences and submits it a faculty supervisor.
  8.      The intern is supervised by a knowledgeable staff member who takes seriously a responsibility to provide a productive learning experience.
  9.      For those institutions having formalized internship programs, written documentation should state that the internship experience is educationally relevant to or fulfills a student’s course of study. For institutions not having a formalized internship program, the above-mentioned guideline should also apply.

* Rochelle K. Kaplan, Legal Counsel, National Association of Colleges and Employers, 62 Highland Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18017, (800) 544-5272, Ext. 10.

If you use interns this summer, or at any time of the year, make time to prepare yourself, your team and your company to make the intern's experience as meaningful and mutually satisfying as possible. And if you have questions about the ethics of your internship arrangements, drop me a line ( or contact the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards.

- Jim Streed, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin Ethics Chair

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Member Anniversaries

Congratulations to those in our PRSA Northeast WI chapter who are celebrating membership anniversaries in June!

Jocelyn Berkhahn, Georgia-Pacific - 4 years

Janet Bonkowski, APR, UW-Green Bay - 20 years

Femi Cole, APR, BayCare Clinic - 11 years

Krista DeBruin, Faith Technologies - 9 years

Todd Weber, Kohler Company - 13 years


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